Nonimmigrant visas are granted to foreign nationals seeking to temporarily reside in the United States.  These visas enable foreign nationals to study, work, and visit the United States on a temporary basis.  Various nonimmigrant visas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Temporary Business Visas (B-1)
  • Tourist Visas (B-2)
  • Student Visas (F-1)
  • Professional Worker Visas (H-1B)
  • Seasonal Worker Visas (H-2)
  • Exchange Program Visas (J-1)
  • Intracompany Transfer Visas (L)
  • Athletes, Entertainers, and Cultural Performers (P)
  • Religious Worker Visas (R-1)

While most nonimmigrant visas are processed and granted to foreign nationals at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad, there are opportunities for foreign nationals to change status from one class of nonimmigrant visa to another.  Change of status is available to foreign nationals provided that the applicant is in status, meets the requirements of the specific visa, and, for most classes of nonimmigrant visa, can establish an intention to return to his or her home country at the expiration of the visa.

Ms. Mody discusses all options available to foreign nationals interested in temporary residence in the U.S. or family members inquiring on behalf of interested parties abroad, works with employers to establish eligibility for temporary worker visas, and thoroughly prepares all documents for submission to USCIS for Change of Status or U.S. Embassy/Consulate Interview abroad.  Please contact our office for further information regarding Nonimmigrant Visas.